• Delaney Hady

6 Ideas for an At Home Photo Session- Cozy at Home with the Beabouts

Documenting stages of life is an honor and one of my favorite things to do. Sometimes the idea of having your photos taken can be stressful or overwhelming. Let's go back to the basics. In this post you will find 5 prompts for photographers and couples to help them with photographing families and couples at home.

  1. Slow down-- Take some time to talk with the couple and get comfortable with each other. This can be over a cup of coffee or just hanging out on the couch together.

2. Do something normal together. This could look like sitting together and brewing some coffee, playing the guitar, putting on your favorite record, reading together, going on a walk-- any and all ideas are welcome. Do something that makes you comfortable and interact with one another. The way I photograph is natural and documentary, I don't want my couples looking at me, I want them to experience each other in new and exciting ways, and that can look like adding a camera to their every day life.

3. Get close. Pick a spot and snuggle up-- not you photographer, talking to the couples now. Photographers, do not be afraid to get up close and personal. It is about the way the light is interacting in the room, how the couple is embracing-- feel the moment and make images that reflect that.

4. Add a personal touch that will help you connect to your partner. Clay and Lauren decided to read memories that they had both written and put in a jar for times like this. Some other ideas could be playing your favorite game, saying why you love one another, or taking a moment to reflect on what brought you together. Photographer, move your feet, ask questions and encourage the couple to connect!

5. Document the space as well as the people. People are collectors, curators. What they have collected says a lot about them and what they love. Make sure to photograph those touches too.

6. If all else fails, dance in the living room and call it a day. Couples come in all shapes, sizes, and comfort levels. That is why it is really important for me to talk with the couple about how they best connect and what they love about each other. I want to make images that make people feel, and part of that is being vulnerable enough to feel with them.

Photographer-- I hope you found this encouraging! Here is to helping people connect and documenting their lives.



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