• Delaney Hady

Elegant Kansas City Wedding

I met Lauren and Thomas at a wedding that I photographed in the summer of 2019, little did I know that every single detail of their day would be planned and intentional to the T. Thomas contacted me a few months before their engagement and I secretly met with him to discuss the proposal an hour before I met with Lauren to go through the details of their wedding.

Never, in my photography career, have I met a couple so intentional, purposeful, and down right kind. Their wedding was held in Our Lady of Sorrows Parish in Midtown, Kansas City. Their day felt like Audrey Hepburn had designed every aspect of whimsy and Lauren's wedding gown. There are few words to describe Lauren and Thomas, but I think that they have found a great match in each other for their kindness, gentleness, and delight in loving one another. I am so thankful to have been able to photograph their beautiful, intimate wedding day.

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