• Delaney Hady

Elyse and Erika | Intimate and Eclectic Wedding outside of Boston, MA at the Lyman Estate

August 13th, 2021 Elyse and Erika said, "I do." Their intimate wedding ceremony was held at the Lyman Estate outside of Boston in Waltham, Massachusetts. Elyse and I went to college together. After meeting Erika I quickly realized why Elyse loved her. As if her quick whit, intelligence, and love for plants wasn't enough to sell me, her ability to do a 1,000 piece puzzle by herself in one night was staggering. Erika even left the last piece for Elyse to finish it. This was the cherry on top, an example of sacrificial love if you ask me.

The love these two have is undeniable. Listening to their friends speak about the two of them was beautiful. Tears were very much present for me throughout their day. Their kindness, acceptance, and love for one another are all the reasons I love them. Their wedding day will be one I remember for a long time.

As always, I was honored to document their intentional, chosen family. I was deeply encouraged by the love and support I saw from their friends. Each played roles throughout the day; supporter, friend, family, officiant-- giving toasts and celebrating the authenticity and generosity that make Elyse and Erika special.

I hope these images speak to the joy these two share, and their love, which is unlike any other.

To Elyse and Erika-- thank you for trusting me with your moments, good and bad, my hope is that you would feel, remember, and honor this day, from now until forever when you see these images.

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