Shadow on the Wall
I think we are going to be good friends.

My name is Delaney Hady. I am a film and digital photographer based out of Kansas City. I want to help my couples experience their wedding days, instead of rushing through it, trying to catch up as it passes. We are intentionally creating space on a day that doesn't last forever, but with care and hard work, your marriage will. Let's make moments worth feeling, reliving, and documenting. If you are looking for a quick photo session, I am probably not the best fit for you. 

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A scanned polaroid of a bride and groom celebrating after their wedding day.
Scanned polaroid of a couple in front of a vintage car in their wedding attire.
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I am a photographer for the feelers. My goal is to slow down our time together and have my couples really connect. I have found in my 7 years in the wedding industry that time flies. I want my couples to have moments that they can remember where their story started. Whether it is reflecting on why you love your partner, or what you find exciting about your life you have created together, this is what you can expect when you hire me. The process is part of the beauty.