It's nice to meet you.

I'm Delaney.

A 35mm film photo of Delaney holding her camera gear.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I'm passionate about helping the folks around me connect. My goal is to create an environment where I can document things as they are happening. In order to do this, I need to naturally fade into the background. Creating trust with my clients is my top priority.

I have always felt awkward and insecure in front of the camera, and I know so many folks feel the same. I encourage my couples to be themselves, whether that is silly, contemplative, cranky, or joyful, to be yourself requires some relationship building up front. I invest in the people that I photograph. I want my clients to feel my support before, during, and after their session, wedding, or elopement.

My "Why."

I hope to always be learning about what makes my clients feel cared for. Your wedding day isn't a performance. It is about so much more than the photos. I want to help you reflect and execute a day that will allow you to be present and open. This is what I love about smaller weddings and gatherings.

I want my couples to be caught up in the moment and forget that I am documenting them. I want to fade into the the day as it unfolds. My work focuses on connection, experience, and light.

Just like you have invested in each of your guests, I invest in the people that I photograph. I care about how you are doing, not only because it influences the work we make, it also influences the way you feel when you go home and how you think of this time in your life later down the line. It needs to be real. It isn't all smiles all the time.

I take every part of me into a wedding day, a family session, and everything else I do. I hope you will bring every part of yourself too. Authenticity is where the good stuff lives.

If you decide that we are a good fit for each other, you can head to the inquiry page, if not, thank you for spending time here, I would love to point you in a direction that is a better fit for you, so don't hesitate, reach out! 

A black and white 35mm photo of a couple kissing at the end of the aisle at Mildred B Cooper Chapel.
35mm photo of a lesbian couple holding each other while sitting in a chair at Lyman Estate outside of Boston.
A 35mm film photo of a bride being prayed over by her bridesmaids at the Cherokee Castle in Colorado.
Black and white 35mm film photo of a couple in their wedding attire holding each other close.
A 35mm film photo of a bride sitting on an antique couch before she saw her groom at the Cherokee Castle in Colorado.
A black and white 35mm photo of a couple kneeling in their local church during their ceremony.

Why film?

Film photographs are one of a kind and very close to my heart. I started my journey in photography at the ripe age of 8. In college, I spent a lot of time in the dark room (where you develop and enlarge negatives into prints). I can still smell the chemicals now! All of the images in the grid above are film photographs! Each image is unique. Film has become one of my favorite aspects of my business-- I don't think I would still be in the wedding industry if I didn't implement 35mm and medium format film into my craft. If you are looking for perfection, it might not be me, but what you see above is real moments in time, captured intentionally, with a lot of care.

Photo of a bride and her attendants celebrating together at UNION 828 in Kansas City, MO.
i'm in the business of being a life long learner. Every wedding or elopement I learn something new. Education is a central value to creating the best experience for my couples.

My Style

My background is in fine art photography. I have spent years honing my craft, studying art history, and learning to use my tools to the best of my ability. I would describe my style as a mixture of documentary, purposeful, true to life, and connection focused. Authenticity is what makes the images even better. Mixing film and digital images throughout a wedding day is my specialty.