Forget about awkwardly posing in front of the camera

this is different

Let's put you first.

When do you feel most loved?

Is there a significant place to you and your love?

Home, a park, a coffee shop?
creating the atmosphere

Laugh, play games, goof around and do what you usually do.

A big part of what I do when I am working with a couple is finding out when they feel most like themselves. Is there a hobby that you share together? What do you do in your time together? When do you feel most connected to your partner?

Each couple or family is different, and therefore, their experience of having their love documented can be wildly different. I want to create an atmosphere that you feel like yourself in. No performace, just you.

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It’s not about taking photos, it’s about building memories

purposeful, intimate, honest

It’s not about taking photos, it’s about building memories

For me, it has never been about photographing in epic places, the perfect gown, or posing a couple in the exact right way. It has always been about the people. I want my families and couples to feel like I am on their team. Like they can be exactly who they are, even if it is just for an hour. It gives me no joy to see people stressed out about getting their hair done just the right way, the critical nature of getting your photo taken has never been my thing, but what is my thing, is the connection.

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The Process


Fill out the form & schedule an initial meeting

Contact me through my inquiry form. After that, we will set up an initial meeting to get to know each other and talk through your vision.


Contract and payment

After we create your package and confirm availability and go over your selected payment plan. I will draw up a contract and have you sign to confirm we are in business!


Planning and session

With each of my clients I make time to go over the customized plan we create depending on their needs. I want to be accessible and use all my knowledge to help my clients have the best experience.


Gallery and prints

All client galleries are returned via an online gallery. You will have the ability to print, buy cards, and more!