2024 Pricing + Services

A disclaimer for the newly engaged:

Just like commissioning a painting, film photography has expenses and proper tools to make the art work a reality. Purchasing, developing, and scanning all contributes to the increased costs. When you choose me as your photographer, you are booking a film photographer. I am the best fit for couples who want to emphasize film photography, love documentary style, and want to cultivate a collaborative relationship where we can make art. Please feel free to ask any questions on customizing a package that includes the proper tools necessary to make your work of art.

Packages starting at


For more information head to the Contact page to inquire and start creating your wedding photography package. Most of my couples spend right around $5,300-6,000.

Customizing Your Experience

I highly encourage creating your own package to fit the unique needs of your wedding day. When you inquire, tell me what you're looking for, be as detailed as possible. Want to elope and only have film photographs? Count me in. I try to be as flexible as I can be with folks and their budgets. Please tell me your needs, and I will communicate what I am able to do!