May 10, 2023

On their 4 year dating anniversary, in their incredible, curated, dream of a house, Jaclyn and Matthew eloped! We started off the day with getting ready in their home, followed by their first look in the living room. After their first look, J + M shared the vows they had written for each other and exchanged rings. Their heartfelt words set the tone for the rest of the day (almost as much as the shot of pickle vodka did). We ventured to Jaclyn and Matt's favorite local bar, where they basked in the glorious spring sunshine and had cocktails together, sharing some time alone. Soon we left for the courthouse, where they would officially tie the knot. As we waited for the judge to prepare, J + M relished in their excitement, snapping photos on their disposable cameras they bought to document each other from their own points of view. Shortly after we arrived, they we married! Back at home they celebrated with a living room first dance, cake, champagne, and hanging with their beloved pets!

J + M's day was photographed on a mix of 35mm film and 120 film! They wanted to prioritze a slow, relaxed day where they did all their favorite things together. It was a completely unique, intentional day, created together, to display how their love has grown and where they hope to go from here.